Apr 10, 2015

Adding Three Numbers Addition Game

You know what?  I absolutely love to play mini-golf...or goofy golf...as many call it.  I can't play a lick of the REAL game, but there is something about the mini-version that makes me smile! I grew up in a town that had a really cute one. The windmill and the curly-Q were my absolute favorites...even when they kicked my ball back a few times!  My kids and hubby play and they are so competitive...sigh.  Not me! I play just for the fun of it.

With mini-golf in mind I created a new math game! I LOVE USING MATH GAMES!  I'm pretty happy with how cute it turned out! The whole point of it is to get kids to practice adding three single-digit numbers.  You can check it out if you'd like to take a peek.

This game is SO FUN! Just click the picture!

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