Feb 6, 2015

Writing Templates for 2nd Grade

OH MY all of those nooks and crannies in the hall and classroom to fill with beautiful new wall hangings each month.  Sometimes it is overwhelming because every other teacher in the building is putting up cute things around you....oh the competition...friendly as it may be....can keep us up at night! Right?  Honestly though, who has much time for the cute right now with all the new standards and "stuff" being thrown our way

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 But, I think it is important to highlight writing across all content areas.  I love having my students write in science or math.   Right now I am working on templates for the writing units that my district uses. I always jazz them up by putting construction paper behind them (bright, pastel, whatever.)  That paper just somehow gives it the cohesive look from far away.  It draws people over to take a look at the writing. THEN they can see that the writing is all different.  I enjoy letting students pick their topics within the mode.  WE DO A TON of WRITING in my class and I must say it is my favorite, although hardest subject to teach.  I feel like I get to know a student better when they write!  What do you do to enjoy Writer's Workshop as a teacher? 

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