Mar 23, 2015

Persuasive Writing Prompts

March Madness

March came in like a lamb here in Central Illinois, but man it sure isn't ending that way.  I envy all of you who live by the warm sunny beaches. I keep trying to persuade my husband to move to Florida, but he isn't budging from our prairie home!  Anyway, the year is buzzing by quickly and soon it will be warm here too.  One can only dream :)

I did manage to make a few things for March.  I've included a FREEBIE sheet for you there in the middle.   Persuasive and opinion writing go hand in hand so that is where I have spent my time.   I LOVE this kind of writing!  What better way to get to know someone than hearing their opinions? (hmmmmmm, maybe I should write one for great reasons to move to Florida and give it to my hubby!)   What is the BEST prompt that you have used in your classroom?  Feel free to share in the comments section!

If you like it, you can click below the kit for more choices, a cute plan sheet, and an equally cute drafting sheet. Hanging all of the pieces up together really does highlight the writing process! 

If you want the whole set, you can get it by clicking here!

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