Mar 23, 2015

Task Cards! Get your TASK CARDS!

Wow!  Everywhere that you look there are task cards on every subject and for any grade level possible. They are cute and easy to make yourself or pretty reasonable to buy.  If you haven't seen them or used them, you are missing out.  They are fantastic for your small groups and stations.

What are they? They are small cards that give the student a task to do in that subject area.  A lot of the ones out there are for very specific goals of the Common Core. The best part is that they are little treasures that you can put in your drawer and use year after year.   Here are some ideas for using them!

Center or Station Time Activity (You already knew this one! :) 
Whole Group Practice- Place one card on each desk.  Children move around the room with white boards or recording sheets. 
Partner Activities-Partners grab a container of cards and work together to solve the problems.
 Homework- many come with a recording sheet.  Give one card per child for homework review OR copy the cards to send home.

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Early Finishers- Have several baskets of different cards around the room to work on while others finish their work.
Parent Helper activity- Parents who love to come in and help can be given the cards to work individuals or small groups.
 Indoor Lunch Activity
 SUB TUBS!  Perfect for easy planning!
 Gifted or Remedial Learning-Get task cards below or above your grade level to help meet the needs of your learners.
Challenge Boards- Place one card a day on a bulletin board and have children find the answer and place it in a container. 
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Warm-ups- digital downloads can be pulled up on the Smart board and use as a warm-up for students OR lay the card under your doc camera!

Click for free task cards!

 6 FREEBIE geometry task cards for you!!!

Challenges- keep a stack on your desk and do some brain break challenges during the day.

Bathroom Break CALM-  (some cards will work for this!)Take the stack with you to ask children the questions while they wait.

Did I leave anything off that has worked in your class?  Leave it in the comment section so that we can all enjoy :)

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